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  • If I have a template specifically made for my profile on a specific community where i'm not an admin, can other users see my profile enhanced with my personal css or is it just me who can see it?

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  • Hello! I'd like to request deletion of three of my blogs:




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  • Hi, is there a way to stop emails from the previous wikia I was on from coming to my email? I keep getting notifications and it's getting quite annoying. I deactivated my account since I was not using it anymore but I seem to keep getting emails about replies. 

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  • Hello Springteufel! I'm Monollama, and Bureaucrat Admin for Danganronpa wiki. On June 30th you offered to the wiki your new Featured Wiki Videos, ( which we were happy to have the chance for! However we had some questions and concerns before we agreed to it, and I hope it's okay to repost them here.

    • Would we be allowed to know what "group" we would be in? Would you (or the group FANDOM hires) be writing the script? Or would we (the Staff of DR Wiki) be writing them?
    • And what control would we have over the content? The Danganronpa series is rife with spoilers and I would like to prevent that from being placed on the top of the page or inserted in a video accidentally.
    • Would we also have control over clips, pictures, and/or images? Or would this result in Copyright issues?
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    • Hey Monollama,

      great to hear back from you :) Yes, Danganronpa is a great candidate for possible wiki videos. Wiki videos are rolled out to more and more communities and are a permanent and mandatory part of FANDOM.

      At the moment our video team produces all videos you see in the wikis and additionally also use third party videos, for example from well-known youtubers or publishers. That also means that the team will pick the video clips and pictures.

      When videos are created, we highly focus on the article where the videos will be placed to make sure that they match the wikis tonality and content. The wiki videos are supposed to support the article's information and to provide a second way to consume it. Of course, we are happy to get your feedback to work steadily on the videos. Recently we got great ideas and hints from the communities about wiki videos.

      Please come back to me if you have further questions, I am happy to help!

      Cheers, Springteufel (talk) 12:30, July 25, 2017 (UTC)

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    • Thank you for the answers, this leads me to a few more questions and concerns though:

      • Do we (the Staff of DR wiki) have the ability to deny/reject any assets of a video?
        • Spoiler Content: Because our franchise is a visual novel franchise we'd be extremely concerned about having no creative control over spoiler content, because the games typically do not have a lot of re-play value due to the main meat of the game being who lives and dies and the story's outcome. In Japan, the developers of our game actually disabled the ability to record video or screenshots past Chapter 1 for this reason. There are so many spoilers, some of which would probably appear minor to an outside viewer, that it would make us very concerned about being held to account for spoiling readers in a video we didn't have any control over.
          • For example: there are several characters where videos wouldn't be suitable at all because their existence is a spoiler, or their history is a spoiler. We'd need at least some measure of control over that.
        • Narrators: Unfortunately, as a visual novel wiki our franchise doesn't lend itself particularly well to being LPed because it can take over 60 hours, and as a result most Youtubers who have played it are of variable quality. Some of the few popular Youtubers who do associate themselves with our franchise are particularly controversial and unsavory and we would be uncomfortable with our wiki being associated with their content without our consent.
        • Information: I also would like to know about where the information would be coming from? I would assume it'd be the wikia pages themselves, however, a good majority of the current pages we have on Danganronpa Wiki are severely outdated or poorly written in desperate need of a rewrite. I would not be comfortable with videos being made with the current content on the aforementioned pages.
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    • Hey Monollama. All these questions can be individual to the specific wiki. For now, we don't know when we will create videos for the Danganronpa community yet. Whenever we may make a video for your wiki, those questions will be determined by the Wiki Video Team at that time and we are happy about hearing your opinion on the videos then. I am sure it will be easier to discuss actual videos examples than the theory for now :)

      Thanks! Springteufel (talk) 09:06, July 27, 2017 (UTC)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello,

    Sorry to bother you again, but the new header crashed again when i wanted to change the colors for the Wikia from a previous version... And I still got this error on every page after that.

    I'll wait a bit to change the colors of the wikia. ^_^

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    • Hey Aelenna,

      thanks for your feedback! For now it should be fixed. Is that the case also for you? But we are trysing to find out more about that problem so it would be great if you could send me the information which Browser and Browser Version you are using and which system and system version you are using on your Computer. Thank you! Springteufel (talk) 14:59, June 13, 2017 (UTC)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hallo,

    Ich habe mal eine Frage zu einem Problem:

    Vor längerer Zeit hat ein User ein englischsprachiges Wiki von Servamp (was das Interlangual Partnerwiki zum deutschen Servamp wiki ist) gegründet - wir hatten geplant es zusammen aufzubauen doch nach kurzer Zeit konnte ich ihn nicht mehr erreichen.

    Seither ist das Wiki also adminlos, da ich selbst noch keine Adminrechte von ihm erhalten hatte.

    Das Problem ist - die User des Wikis wünschen sich eine attraktivere Hauptseite und nur ein Admin kann diese (hintergrund/Wordmark/Navigation) bearbeiten. Ich hätte mich bereit erklärt aber ich hatte lange Zeit privat zu tun und war seltener am Wiki weshalb ich möglicherweise nicht alle Vorraussetzungen für eine Adoption erfülle...

    Noch weiß ich ob man es schon zur adoption stellen kann...

    Nun würde ich gerne wissen ob du eine Idee hättest wie man das lösen kann??

    Folgenden Text habe ich aus der Konversation zwischen mir und dem derzeit inaktiven Gründer:

    "Da ich noch relativ neu in diesem Gebiet bin, kannst du ruhig das Lead übernehmen, das macht mir nichts aus! Falls mir etwas überhaupt nicht gefallen sollte, dann sag ich das natürlich, aber ich glaube nicht, dass das der Fall sein sollte" (hatte er mir geschrieben)

    .... (hier ist die Quelle - ich habe dich/Sie angeschrieben, da der größte Teil unserer Konversation deutsch ist. Es war eine reaktion auf meine erste Nachricht an ihn, also am besten bis ganz runter scrollen)

    Keine Ahnung ob das jetzt irgendwas ändert, aber auf jedenfall würde ich mir einen Admin für das Wiki wünschen.

    Ich hatte auch ForestFairy angeschrieben (mit welcher ich auch schon im deutschen Servamp Wiki - wo ich als Admin aktiv bin - Kontakt hatte, aber da ich noch keine Antwort erhielt wollte ich eine zweite Meinung einholen.

    Alternativ würde es mir schon helfen wenn ich wüsste, an wen ich mich da wenden könnte =).

    Vielen Dank im Vorraus für die Mühe


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    • Hallo Akemi,

      danke für den Hinweis! Ich habe mich mit ForestFairy gerade noch mal abgesprochen, sie meldet sich auf jeden Fall bald bei dir. Da ist wohl leider eine Notification untergegangen.

      Und ein „Du” ist immer super :)

      Liebe Grüße, Springteufel

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Willkommen bei Community Central!

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    • A FANDOM user
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