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  • Bio Bureaucrat and administrator of The Demon's Light Wiki and SoNyuhShiDae Wiki, Encyclopedia SpongeBobia Chat Moderator, Community Councilor.
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Hey there,
Welcome to my message wall. Please feel free to leave a message. I will usually try to answer them within an orderly amount of time, but I am quite busy, so please understand that I may not always be able to answer quickly.

Before posting a message, I would appreciate it if you read the guide points below.:

  • Please do not leave harassing messages — I will not reply to any harassing message and I will more than likely report to the Community Central administrators.
  • Spamming/Trolling — As with harassing messages, I will not reply to these and these kinds of messages will be reported.
  • If you are messaging me about a chat ban or a wiki block I have laid down, please be polite. — If you have concerns or complaints about a chat ban or block I have issued, please be polite when messaging me about it. I will try to answer back as quickly as possible. However, I do have the right to not reply at all, so don't get offended if that is the case.
  • Please don't post random messages. — Please don't post random messages that have no point or reply to old messages with random topics. I usually will not reply to them and remove the off-topic reply.
  • Please don't necropost — Please don't necropost to old posts or replies. I will remove the reply and close the thread.

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