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  • I live in Blobland
  • My occupation is being cooked for food
  • I am Bale
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  • Layten-Today at 4:14 PM

      omfg i she said it in the public chatroom lol   Kitty the Fox I do have a crush on Lunar so.....     ==TheLunar2-Today at 4:15 PM==

      really? is that true or are yiu lying?  ==Layten-Today at 4:15 PM==

      its true   she said it at 4:04 your time   on CCC  ==TheLunar2-Today at 4:37 PM==

      no  ==Layten-Today at 4:39 PM==

      yes  ==TheLunar2-Today at 4:48 PM==

      give me proof @Layten  ==Layten-Today at 4:49 PM==

      i did   i pasted it in  ==TheLunar2-Today at 4:49 PM==

      like a photo   was i online?  ==Layten-Today at 4:49 PM==

      you even said OMG i think i think kitty has a crush on me   so yep, you were online  ==TheLunar2-Today at 4:50 PM==

      because she said i like lunar what dose that mean a friend or a senpai better than Purdy  ==Layten-Today at 4:51 PM==

      idk   shes your girlfriend it seems

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