The Supreme Argonian

aka Dylan

  • I live in Manchester, UK of GB & NI
  • I was born on November 28
  • My occupation is Triggering liberals
  • I am Male
  • Bio Discussions Moderator of the Red Dead Wiki.

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    Heyo! I'm The Supreme Argonian, or just Supreme. I've been on FANDOM since 2016, and I'm a part of The Elder Scrolls Fandom, the Red Dead Fandom and the Starfield Fandom, which I founded.

    I was born and raised in Manchester, in the United Kingdom. I have English, Spanish and Argentine heritage, but consider myself British above all.

    I'm a secondary school student studying Drama, French, Music, History and of course everything in the English Baccalaureate. My favourite subjects are History and Drama, but I'm best at French. I'm part of the school debate club, and am also a librarian.

    Career-wise, I'd like to become an activist promoting conservative ideas at university, and hopefully make a name for myself in that time so I can found a conservative organisation in Britain- perhaps even a British branch of PragerU or Turning Point USA. Later on in life, I'd like to be a politician or political scientist.

    Politically, I'm a pretty standard conservative. I'm a capitalist, I believe in freedom of speech, freedom of the markets and freedom of the individual overall. I'm anti-Islam, pro-life and against feminism, LGBT Pride (not homophobic though, I'm gay myself) and BLM. I believe systematic racism does not exist in the West, but does in South Africa and Zimbabwe, where the native whites are being killed and having their land confiscated. I believe in small government, although I do support universal healthcare.

    I'm a civic nationalist, and am immensely proud of my country. I also take pride in my Spanish and Argentine heritage. I'm okay with a bit of multiculturalism, but I strongly believe that people with heritage from other nations, particularly Islamic ones, must integrate into British society.

    I enjoy reading, with my favourite books being the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman and the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness. I like gaming, and my favourite games are The Elder Scrolls series, the Assassin's Creed series and Red Dead Redemption. I occasionally play Minecraft and Terraria. Unfortunately, I only have an Xbox 360, so I can't play newer games.

    I haven't been editing a lot recently, but when I do I tend to work on cleaning up articles on The Elder Scrolls Fandom or doing whatever needs doing, of which there is a lot, on the Starfield Fandom. I love the Discussions community on The Elder Scrolls Fandom, and it's led me to join the wider TES community and make some real friends. That said, I seem to do a good job of annoying the Discussions Moderators on The Elder Scrolls Fandom!

    If you'd like to contact me, you can use my talkpage, Kik (The_Supreme_Argonian) or Instagram (@the.supreme.argonian). My Instagram is a TES-themed account, so feel free to check it out!

    If you're interested in the upcoming Bethesda game Starfield, you can head on over to the Starfield Fandom and help us get it fully set up for the release of the game. Contact me or Atvelonis for more details, or if you'd like to join the Starfield Discord.

    I plan on adding some quotes here in the future, so keep an eye out if you have nothing better to do. I'll also add some links to interesting posts of mine and other people's.

    Happy editing and discussing!

    The Elder Scrolls Fandom 'Build of the Month' competition:

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