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  • why don't you add lovecraft:Cthulhu_Mythos into its related link of homepage? and mention of its light novel release and its drama CD?

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  • if you add wikis to the genre lists, remember to remove them from the old list too Template:Animangafooter/temp

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    • I guess I misunderstood and thought temp was just keeping a copy of the old database. Is the eventual plan to reduce the temp subsection to nothing once we know everything on it is in the theme-based subsections?

      Makes me wonder if we could cross-reference it with our "series with wikis" category to see if the numbers match up. Could be hard since some series are multi-genre though. For me, usually I have less common themes (like sports) override more common themes (like romance) when trying to choose what to list something as. Most sports anime have comedy and romance and drama and all that too.

      Also: would it be okay for me to put a link to w:c:Tropes:Category:Anime And Manga Pages on the Memes subsection of the footer? I got permission from a sysop to consolidate all their anime/manga related categories and articles and there is a link to the Animanga footer both in that section as well as on the homepage of the wiki itself.

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    • yep, the temp is there to be reduced to nothing.

      the point of the genres was to only have a wiki listed once and not put in multiple genres, basically only be in the primary genre and if necessary it could be put in a second.

      the tropes links is fine

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  • Thanks for the thought - but if you go back to the "Caillou" Wiki, you'll find that the user in question has already reverted both of your edits. If I become the admin, I intend to do something about that, because such a situation can't continue, but in the meantime, I don't see how I could discuss anything with that user if she makes it a habit of removing anything that anyone posts on her talk page. As for the other users that you mentioned, well, see my comment on my original application. The rules for applying state that there should be "no sustained editing by other users," which they aren't, other than the one already mentioned who refuses to talk with anyone. Some of them are even obviously vandals.

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    • Yeah when I left the message hadn't looked closely at the type of edits being made yet. Her removal of content precludes her from my wanting her in an authority position but if a contributor it's prob good if she has a say still.

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