Undead Jastus

aka JastusHaar2 or Chris

  • I live in 🖒 ❓
  • Bio SIA

    Hi I’m Undead Jastus (Jastus or Chris) and I am a proud user of TWD fandom!

    Status: Undead

    Cause of Death: Heart attack from these goddamn spoilers

    R.I.P Lil Peep (1996 - 2017)

    "Apparently I'm Undead"

    •Hi, My name is Jastus (Chris)

    • I have been active since June of 2017

    •Gotten about 1,000 post on 9/12/17

    • Have been fans of these fandoms:

    -The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead

    -Texas Chainsaw Massacre


    -Star Wars

    -Friday the 13th

    -A Nightmare on Elm Street

    -Halloween (with Michael Myers, not the holiday)


    •Personal Information:

    -I suffer from autism (not a joke)

    -Thats all the person info

    •My favorite video game characters:










    •My friends:

    -FreakyAssSmileLord (Léon)

    -FireTheChandelure (Felix Van Houten AKA Pewdiepie) ⭐️

    -EmmyReaper1 (Emmy)

    -CollinTheCourier (Collin)

    -DarylIsDieHard (Pam)

    •Favorite Mods:

    -I dont have a favorite mod lol

    •Favorite Lee Quote:

    "Shut the fuck up"

    •Favorite Detention/Class Answer Joke

    ••Detention Joke

    Reason for Detention:

    "Student asked "how big is it" the student replied "that what she said"

    ••Answer Joke:

    Q: Why does Saturn have a ring on it

    A: Because God liked it so he put a ring on it

    N: Saturn was not a single lady

    •Thats all folks lol

    Best song -

    :) u got scammed. iphone in 2020 for president
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  • Hello, I need help. I am a person who edits at the walking dead wikipedia (not moderator) and I dont know how there infobox works. I made two but those dont work so the ones that say "Character infomation" or "Character Information" dont go to those. So I dont know how to work the original ones (the one that says character info). Can someone explain it to me. 

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