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  • I live in Harry Dresden’s basement
  • My occupation is Arcane assistant
  • I am a genderless air spirit
  • Bio Hi lads. I’m mainly a CSS expert / Portability aid on FANDOM, although I occasionally moderate as a GDM too.

    I usually hang out at the Diepio & Dresden Files Wikis, & moderate the Dragon Age Discussions.
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Greetings & salutations dear fellows, I am Ursuul. If you need anything or have any problems or questions, feel free to leave a message. I don’t bite :)

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  • Greetings Ursuul,

    It's MD again, this time it is not about portable infoboxes. I am requesting something. I was wondering where could I find someone in the fandom staff who can aid us on developing for homepages.

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  • Hi Ursuul.

    It's been while.

    It's MD from Overlord Wiki, I need your help on the Portable Infoboxes again. We need to fix or revise the characters infoboxes since my fellow admin tried to add an image tabs for character infoboxes but failed miserably so can you fix it since it could disarray the images since they're designed to size the images automatically that you said.

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  • Hi, I found this evening Polish Nonsensopedia, and I decide to Start in it. But there was a problem, because of my IP was banned. _______

    "Nie masz uprawnień do edytowania tej strony, z następującego powodu:

    Twoje konto lub adres IP zostały zablokowane przez Helperzy. Blokada rozpoczęła się 22:13, lip 17, 2018 i skończy się 22:13, sty 17, 2019.

    Podany powód to: Wandalizmy.

    W celu wyjaśnienia sprawy zablokowania możesz się skontaktować z Helperzy lub innym administratorem korzystając z opcji „Wyślij e-mail do tego użytkownika” lub wchodząc na kanał IRC Nonsensopedii.

    Czas blokady możesz znaleźć w logu aktualnie zablokowanych użytkowników, wpisując tam swój nick lub numer IP."

    ________ I'm here for the first time, and I was surprising. Looking by time (22:13, lip 17, 2018), I discovered banned IP:

    I was trying to contact with some admin, but unffornatelly, I not found way to send email, because of I can't find where this email can be. 

    I went to "What is your IP" and I found:

    Your Public IPv4 is:

    Your IPv6 is: Not Detected

    Your Local IP is: _____

    As you see, my IP is different is not And this is IP from mobile internet. Looks like somebody banned all, because of Wandalism.

    The only problem is... I'm not that banned person. Would you be so kind, and... (bla, bla, bla) ...You know, What I mean. Best regards,

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • w:c:dresdenfiles:special:contributions/3attleStar

    If he keeps editing the way he is doing now and we can keep him, he'd be an admirable addition to DF.

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  • I know u guys dont want extra drama but majority is caused by some users from your wiki.

    1. Yesterday I went to the wiki to comfort most of the people there after hayden resigned. Then Banarama comes and brings a drama to the situation, saying that I wanted Hayden gone. And today he deleted his response and closed the thread saying it went into mope drama even though he started it.

    And when anybody from your wiki comes to the wiki they always trash the place and add onto the drama. (Hayden used to do the same)

    I think its best for your users to stay away from the wiki is you guys hate it this much. It will also make life easier for your guys and our guys

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    • Someone did, & I had to delete the thread.

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    • O

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  • Top of the morning Ursuul.

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  • Hi there,

    I know you're the user assigned to Warriors Wiki, am I correct? We are having a few of our inboxes not being registered as portable even though we used the correct code - is it possible I can get any help on that?

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    • Hello! This is actually a common bug with Special:Insights, as long as all your infoboxes are using the proper PI syntax it can be ignored. There are a few tweaks & tricks that sometimes get them to go away, but they’re flaky at best. If it’s still bothering you I can enumerate some potential solutions though.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Do you like my username.

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  • How's it going?

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  • Don’t stalk my wall from RC lads

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