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  • Hello, Zenki!

    So, you are on Community Central, too?

    That's great! It makes me happy to see a familiar face here. ^^

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    • Hello, Seme!

      You are here, too? I mean, I should have expected this, shouldn't I? (laughs)

      Hmm... Weird things happen. I think, that the founder simply missed out on giving you the rights, as seeing, as you are the second in command of his wiki, it wouldn't make any sense, that someone, who is ranked below you has bureaucrat rights, while you don't.

      Hahaha... Silently logging off. Is there even something as silently logging off? ^^'

      Anyways, we will hear from each other!

      Good night, Semerone! ^^

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    • Haha! Thanks, Goki.

      I agree, that it probably was simply an oversight. XD

      Hmm... I don't know. I could also yell, while I log off, but you wouldn't hear me on the other side, so there would be no point in "noisily logging off". X'D

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