-- <nowiki>
-- Quick CC responses
-- @authors Noreplyz
local p = {}
function p.main(frame)
    local tArgs = frame:getParent()
    local ret = {}
    local respType = tArgs.args[1] or ""
    if respType == "forum" then 
        return 'In the future, please post questions like this in our [[Special:Forum|forums here]]. Blogs are generally more about FANDOM and the FANDOM community, gives advice, or starts a conversation.'
    if respType == "blog-blogging" then
        return "Hey! Welcome. This isn't the best place for general blogging purposes, but you can take a look at our [[Community Central:Community Highlights|Community Highlights]] to see what sort of blogs we encourage here on Community Central.\n\nYou can, however, jump in and create your personal blog at '''[[w:c:blogging|the Blogging Wiki]]'''. Or, you can also try and look for a wiki you're interested in and post a blog there about that topic!"
    if respType == "blog-offtopic" then
        return 'Hey, welcome to FANDOM and Community Central!\n\nCommunity Central is more of a hub for all other wikis - a place to seek help, advice and socialise. If you are looking for a wiki or topic to contribute to, you could use the search box at If you have a question, feel free to leave a message below or post it on our [[Special:Forum|forums]].'
    if respType == "blog-short" then
        return "Welcome to FANDOM!\n\nWhy don't you tell us a bit about yourself - what you enjoy doing, what you like watching or reading or playing, and what else you are interested in. Then we can suggest wikis you might like to join :)"
    if respType == "images" then
        return "Hello!\n\nJust letting you know that I've '''deleted some files''' you uploaded recently. Community Central should not be considered an image repository, as mentioned in our [[Community_Central:Central_user_pages#Image_uploads_for_user_pages|User page policy]]. You can, however, [[w:c:www:Special:CreateNewWiki|create a new wiki]] and upload them there\n\nIf you are concerned about what was deleted, or suspect that it was a false positive, please leave a message below."
    if respType == "highlight" then
        return "[[File:Highlight.png|right|100px|link=Community Highlights]]"
    if respType == "create" then 
        return "[[w:c:www:Special:CreateNewWiki|create a new wiki]]"
    if respType == "es-welcome" then
        return "Bienvenida a la Community Central en inglés. ¿Has visitado [[w:c:comunidad|Comunidad Central]]? Otros hablantes nativos de español son ahí."
    if respType == "es-school" then
        return "Hola,\n\nGracias por editar en Wikia. Lamentablemente este no es el lugar para publicar este tipo de información. Recomendamos que informe a sus profesores que no utilicen este espacio para trabajos escolares.\n\nPor favor diríjase a [[w:c:educacion|]], una comunidad creada para estos propósitos. Gracias."
    return 'Bad input'
return p
-- </nowiki>