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Template:Main Warrior

The Male Warrior class is one of the starting classes of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. They are mostly known for their beginning specialty in Axes and Swords.

While their Defense is better than the Male Brawler, thus making them able to take physical hits, their Resistance is still rather low, leaving a lot to be desired when facing off against enemies with magical attacks.

The only real difference they have from their Female counterparts is the specialty in Axes, and slightly different Aptitudes.

  • A level 10 Male Warrior can be one requirement to unlock both the Scout class and the Thief class.
  • A level 10 Male Warrior is required in order to unlock the Ninja class.
  • A level 200 Male Warrior is required in order to unlock the Majin class.

Disgaea DS Collection BookEdit

In the Netherworld, many male residents are born with the potential to become a warrior. Warriors wear light gear to enhance mobility, and they have the ability to harden their bodies instantly. With their aggressive personalities, they have a low capacity for friendship.


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