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  • SEOkitten

    Hello, Wikians!

    I introduced some simple keyword research tools in the previous SEO blog post; this time I want to discuss how to include those keywords on the page for maximum impact on search rankings and user experience.

    The internet was less sophisticated in the mid to late ‘90s. During the Geocities era, it became a common practice to “optimize” pages using spammy blocks of unrelated keywords or sentences stuffed with synonyms and close match variations.

    In the attempt to adhere to this outdated best practice, countless websites still publish nonsense like this:

    C3PO, sometimes called Threepio, is a gold droid (robot) built to assist humans with customs and translation. Protocol droids like the talking robot C-3P0 can be different colors, but T…

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  • Craiglpalmer

    On September 25th, 193 world leaders will commit to 17 Global Goals aimed at achieving three extraordinary things in the next 15 years: end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and fix climate change.

    In order for these Global Goals for sustainable development to work, everyone needs to know about them. You can't fight for your rights if you don't know what they are, and you can't convince world leaders to do what needs to be done if you don't know what you're convincing them to do. Bottom line: If the goals are famous, they won't be forgotten.

    Wikia is joining businesses, celebrities, athletes, musicians, and citizens across the world in telling everyone about these 17 Global Goals. You can see all of them represented on our hom…

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  • Ducksoup

    Why We Don't Unblock You

    September 16, 2015 by Ducksoup


    Wikia is big. And I mean big. There are 350,000 communities on Wikia, with 166 million unique visitors a month. Those numbers aren't joking around. When I recited them to my mother, her eyes got sort of big and she said, “wait, how many people are in community support again??”

    And that's a legitimate question! There are eight of us that provide direct support in English. Then dos en Español, eine auf Deutsch, yi ge Zhong wen yuan gong, один на русском, ichi in Nihongo, une en Français, e uma em português. I'm sure most of you have interacted with one of us at some point.

    With one of us per 11.8m users, that means we can't know everything that happens on your sites. The local admins will always have a much stronger idea of any conte…

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  • Rupert Giles

    Greetings Wikians! I’m very excited to announce a new feature today - Curated Main Pages on mobile devices.

    For most communities the main page is its single most viewed page. Four out of the top five pages on Wikia are main pages, in fact, and that makes sense — a search for “Star Wars wiki” is very likely to return the main page as the first result.

    Main pages on desktop are typically a large collection of content, galleries, templates, and design elements, representing each community very well. Unfortunately the styling that makes them look so distinct on desktop often results in a less-than-stellar mobile experience. Given that more than half of our users now access Wikia on something other than desktop, this tool aims to construct a high…

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  • SEOkitten

    Hello, Wikians!

    Most active communities have a growing list of wanted pages and numerous articles that could be improved. With so much on our to do lists, how do we even begin to prioritize?

    In this post I'm sharing a couple of simple tools that are ideal for quick keyword research. Figuring out what searchers are searching can focus our creative efforts on the topics people are most curious about and help us gain more readers and contributors through prime placement in organic search results.

    Those who hear about Search Engine Optimization for the first time often guess that it has something to do with keywords—and for good reason! Keywords are the words or phrases that a user enters into a search engine, and both search algorithms and the bro…

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  • ForestFairy

    How do you resolve conflict?

    Time and again, we hear of clashing in the Communities. Clash of Clans comes to mind! :) Conflicts can happen everywhere in life. These strategies work not only here at Wikia, they work well in other situations, like school, work or in your private life and relationships.

    Conflict is accompanied by emotions. You know what I am talking about.... You have a different opinion and before you know it, you are in an intense argument. You possibly feel anger creeping up and there are things being said that you may regret. Often, you can feel the conflict lingering on the horizon, when your opponent does not share your values, steps on boundaries, disrespects the rules and so on.

    • You feel like you are being treated unfair…

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  • Ducksoup

    Hey y'all! A few weeks ago, I talked with you about how Wikia makes product decisions in order to evolve, to maintain a modern platform, and to keep up with industry standards and consumer expectations. (You can see my blog about that here.) Today, we're taking another big step in the evolution of Wikia. Specifically, we're talking about the future of Infoboxes on Wikia. This may seem like a small part of the platform, but, as I'll explain here, Infoboxes are an important part of Wikia and we've made some important changes to how they’re created.

    Infoboxes are everywhere on Wikia; they’re a key part of our traffic. Pages that include at least one infobox comprise about 60% of traffic in every individual community. And that’s for good reason…

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  • Cooksey.michael

    Hey, everyone! Michael here, from Wikia’s Community Development team, checking in with some fabulous news: In September, we will be kicking off Wikia’s first-ever Community Connect event here in our San Francisco offices!

    What is Community Connect?

    Community Connect is an invite-only gathering for admins of both new and established wikias to meet and connect with one another, as well as Wikia staff from our Community, Product and Marketing teams. The goal of the event is to facilitate a direct, in-person dialogue with a mix of contributors to get a better understanding of what is important to them, and to share insights to our product roadmap for the development of the Wikia platform.

    During the 3 day event, admins will have the opportunity t…

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  • SEOkitten

    Intro to SEO

    August 10, 2015 by SEOkitten

    Hello, Wikians!

    My name is Angelina, and I recently joined Wikia to help out on SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. That sounds impressive, I’m sure, but what does that mean?

    SEO is a multi-discipline field that aims to bring greater visibility and traffic to each of our communities through prime placement on search engine results pages. Our team monitors traffic and rankings, devises tests and impact projects, and makes recommendations across a wide range of topics—from the words linked on each page to the names of our image files to mobile-friendliness of pages.

    Some days are spent helping the Product and Engineering teams on new or improved features, and others are spent updating help pages or creating documentation for the Community Team. …

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  • ThePK

    Have you ever seen staff members around Wikia? Have you ever wondered: What are they doing here? Why are they editing that? Do they even lift, bro? If you answered yes to any of those questions- this blog is for you!

    Today, I’ll be introducing some of the best Wikia staff members, the Community Development team!

    “We're the people in the field. We are there to help users create new Wikias, help existing Wikias, and to help guide admins and other users.” -Asnow89

    The Community Development (ComDev) team members really are the people in the field. You can find them doing all sorts of things across Wikia sites, helping all sorts of people. Often, on Wikia, they are found spiffing and designing wikia sites, writing blog posts about press releases, ho…

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