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  • New to Wikia? Have basic questions about your account or contributing? Ask your questions here!

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  • Need help with things like templates, infoboxes, JavaScript or MediaWiki extensions? Expert users can answer your questions here. For questions and help with Content Portability, check out the Portability Hub!

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    Last post by Xaviorsnowwalker 20:47, August 23, 2016

  • Ask questions about Theme Designer, backgrounds, CSS and customizing system messages. Get feedback on designs for your wikia.

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  • Get advice from other admins & founders on administrative tasks, enabling new features, developing policies and other tips for helping your community.

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  • Discussions, announcements and details about new features and updates at Wikia

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  • Connect with other Wikians, ask questions and provide answers!

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A few pointers to remember when posting to the forum:

  • Please make the title as specific as possible. Titles such as "Problem - need help" give others no indication of what might be going on.
  • Provide a link to the wikia you need help with in your post, as well as details about your browser and operating system if appropriate.
  • Be nice! This is a community with users of all different abilities, so be respectful when both asking and answering questions.
  • Do not post requests for more editors to edit your wikia. Instead, read this page to learn how to attract new editors and readers.
  • If you'd like to adopt a wikia, or gain administrator rights, click here.
  • If you need specific help from Wikia Staff, you can contact them at Special:Contact
  • To attract the attention of Wikia Staff to a discussion, please use Special:Contact and include a link to the specific forum thread, with details about why staff input is needed.

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