Guidelines for submitting Office Hours questions

Here are some tips that will help Staff answer your question during Office Hours!

  • Try to ask general questions that will have significance for a wide number of users.
  • If you include your username, we can send you an alert when we plan to answer your question during Office Hours.
  • Links are very helpful so we know what community you are referring to and the article page where you encountered your problem/question.
  • Here is a list of some example questions you might ask (You are not limited to these choices whatsoever):
    • How do I use theme designer/create an original skin for my wikia? Where can I get help with design ideas?
    • How can I attract new users and editors to my wikia?
    • What is CSS? Is it allowed on my wikia?
    • I'm interested in creating original video content for my wikia. Is that allowed?
    • What are the rules about user disputes/online bullying?

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