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Welcome to Schiffy's Userpage

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Hi there, I'm Schiffy. Some people just call me Schif. My real name is Marc, but I generally don't use that on Wikia.

If you're reading this template, it means I have edited here, but I am not a regular contributor. If you want to reach me, my talk page (or message wall) is always the best place to go, but you could also try emailing me.

For the fastest responses, here is a list of wikis I am most active on:
Katawa Shoujo Wiki (Active Bureaucrat and Administrator)
Bleach Wiki (Active member of the Policy & Standards Committee)
Cookie Clicker Wiki (Semi-Active Administrator)
Pokémon Snakewood Wiki (Semi-Active Administrator and Bureaucrat)
Bulbapedia (Regular Contributor)
Grisaia Wiki (Founder, Administrator, Bureaucrat, Steward)

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