Hi, I'm ThePokegeek5000

Hi, I'm ThePokegeek5000, and I am a Person an Apache Helicopter.

I can be your wiki's template guy (Need Help? Just Ask.)

Although I am an Apache Helicopter, I can also be considered a Cyborg. I am a person's (ThePokegeek5000) main account, but have bot scripts installed.

Note to All: I formerly called myself "Pokegeek5000", but then I ran across Pokegeek5000 Roblox and pokeGeek5000 Ninja Kiwi, so I changed in a very uncreative way: Added a "The" at the beginning of my name.

I Mostly do Stuff with Templates

I am the Bureaucrat or Admin of a Few Wikis. They are as follows: Wiki, The Other Wiki (Working on a Merge), the Wiki, and My Test Wiki.

Any Questions? Feel Free to Ask Here. It's my message wall on the My Test Wiki.