• Only recently, for some reason, did I notice the "Fantasy Wikis" nav-box Template (w:fantasyfooter, specifically) at the bottom of One Wiki to Rule Them All's main page - which shows that the Lord of the Rings Wiki is one of many recognized Fantasy Wikis.

    This made me wonder: how might I go about making a similar interwiki grouping that is "Middle-earth Wikis"? Those Wikis would be:

    - The Lord of the Rings Wiki (aka One Wiki to Rule Them All), foremost of course - at which I administer

    - The Battle for Middle-earth Wiki (aka "Wiki for Middle-earth) - at which I administer, alone, and am expanding/developing

    - The LOTR Fanon Wiki , which is legitimate seeing as how its users have done the work of creating its custom wordmark and the like, and it has committed Administrators, instead of one Admin who once founded it and now writes the entire canon of fan-fiction.

    - The Midde-earth Role Playing Wiki , which also is rigorous as opposed to lazy, and holds 8,000 articles.

    - and finally the Shadow of Mordor Wiki , which as well has a successfully official appearance as an online game-encyclopedia

    The nutshell of this is that I would like to form something such as a "w:Middleearthfooter" template, if you follow, that would then appear at the foot of the main-page of each of those five Wikis. It would result in them becoming more recognized than they are now - to some degree at least. I'm aware that of course I should bring all this up to their Administrators, but I am presenting the idea here at Comm. Central first not only because I myself oversee two out of those five Wikis, but also because I'm assuming whoever came up with the "Fantasy Wikis" idea did something similar, and maybe was even a Staff. (?)

    Thanks for your time :)

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