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    First I'd like to thank anyone reading this for taking time to come and read this.

    There are Wikias for just about everything, like cartoon Wikias, including some fandom Wikias, train wikias (e.g., recommended for my fellow railfans,) and so on.

    There are also Wikias for seemingly less significant topics (but may be significant to the creators of the wikia and those who support the creators, some I don't find insignificant), like:

    Sound Effects Wikia: Found this one a few days ago

    A Wikia about Deaths in Movies I commented on the death of a Swat Kats character (note, if you're sensitive, do not click this link, this shows pictures of a character dying)

    Even Wikias about Potty Emergencies and Toilet Humor but I won't list any links to this, too taboo.

    There's a wiki for just about anything, from the topics lots of people would be interested in to topics few people are interested in. What I'm going to talk about fits the "Few People Are Interested In" category so we'll get to the point right now.

    I'd like to see a Wikia, or a page within a Wikia about Railroad Crossings featured in cartoons/ animated shows and animated movies, 2D or 3D, classic or modern. Just for the record, I'm highly interested in railroad crossings both real and in animation, especially American and Canadian railroad crossings and crossings with crossing gates.

    You may not care about this yourself so please only read this if you're interested and want to help out.

    And I have a list of cartoons that have featured railroad crossings or railroad crossing like objects. 

    The Simpsons: The Simpsons has featured railroad crossings in a few episodes. One example is "Them Robot" and the following image shows one shot of the featured crossing

    Crossing Gate from The Simpsons Them Robot 4

    Railroad Crossing featured in a Simpsons episode

    Other episodes include "Kill the Alligator and Run," the episode where Homer goes a month without drinking, the episode where Homer refuses to go to church with his family, the episode where Moe commits Insurence Fraud and Homer gets in trouble for it, the episode about the man who created the mouse cartoon character that lead to the creation of Itchy and Scratchy, which production was shut down due to a court battle, and an episode where Marge goes blind due to a solar eclips. Sorry I don't know the names of all these episodes or the ones in some of the following cartoons I list:

    Bernard A cartoon about this polar bear that gets into lots of trouble. Two episode segments featured a railroad crossing. These are a few screenshots:

    Bernard Railroad Crossing (The Cart) 01

    One of the railroad crossings featured in "Bernard"

    Bernard Railroad Crossing (The Cart) 03

    Bernard Railroad Crossing (The Cart) 05

    Don't worry, Bernard doesn't get hit by any trains in either episode.

    Busytown Mysteries A possible spin-off to the older cartoon "The Busyworld of Richard Scary." At least three episodes have featured railroad crossings

    - "Where's the Hero"

    -"Lost Orphaned Egg"

    -"Lost Parrot"

    The following are from "Where's the Hero"

    Railroad Crossing in Where's The Hero (Busytown Mysteries)1
    Railroad Crossing in Where's The Hero (Busytown Mysteries)2

    Railroad Crossing in Where's The Hero (Busytown Mysteries)3
    Railroad Crossing in Where's The Hero (Busytown Mysteries)5

    Madagascar 3 Movie Despite the setting taking place in Europe, American-like railroad crossing signals are used.

    Railroad Crossing Gate Signal on Madagascar 3 cartoon movie 01
    Railroad Crossing Gate Signal on Madagascar 3 cartoon movie 02

    Railroad Crossing Gate Signal on Madagascar 3 cartoon movie 03
    Railroad Crossing Gate Signal on Madagascar 3 cartoon movie 05

    Dumbo Two railroad crossings were featured in the classic animated Disney movie Dumbo. One crossing featured just a passive crossing sign and the other one featured a wigwag signal. IT's possible there was a third crossing near that crossing with a crossbuck sign or maybe they were one in the same crossing.

    First Railroad Crossing on Dumbo Cartoon Movie
    Second Railroad Crossing on Dumbo (with Wigwag)1

    Second Railroad Crossing on Dumbo (with Wigwag)2

    Rocko's Modern Life At least two episodes, as far as I know, featured a railroad crossing. The following is from the episode "Driving Mrs. Wolfe," where Rocko tries to teach Mrs. Wolfe to drive.

    Railroad Crossing Cartoon Rocko's Modern Life Driving Mrs Wolfe 02
    Railroad Crossing Cartoon Rocko's Modern Life Driving Mrs Wolfe 03

    Curious George (PBS Kids) Three episodes featured railroad crossings or someone owning a railroad crossing signal. One episode is Curious George Station Master, which is where the following five screencaps come from:

    Railroad Crossing on Curious George Station Master 01
    Railroad Crossing on Curious George Station Master 02


    Railroad Crossing on Curious George Station Master 03

    Railroad Crossing on Curious George Station Master 04

    And this one is from the episode "George Gets Winded"

    Railroad Crossing Gate Signal (George Get's Winded) Cartoon Railroad Crossing Gate

    Fairly Odd Parents There are a few episodes that feature railroad crossings or railroad crossing signals and different railroad crossing signals were used throughout the show. The episode will be mentioned in the captions of the pictures

    Railroad Crossing of FOP pilot episode

    From the "Fairly Odd Parents" pilot episode

    Railroad Crossing on FOP episode Odd Squad

    From the episode "Odd Squad"

    Railroad Crossing Signal from Odd Squad (Fairly Odd Parents)

    From the FOP episode "Odd Squad"

    Railroad Crossing from FOP The Big Scoop 1

    From "The Big Scoop"

    Railroad Crossing from FOP The Big Scoop 2

    From "The Big Scoop"

    Railroad Crossing from FOP Lights Out

    From "Lights Out"

    Railroad Crossing from FOP Mission Responsible

    From "Mission Responsible"

               Two other episodes include "The Good Ol' Days" and "Anti-Poof" Angelina Ballerina Note, the original Angelina Ballerina, not AB: The Next Steps. I forget which episode but this is one of the episodes with William Longtail in it, whom you will see.
    Railroad Crossing on Angelina Ballerina01
    Railroad Crossing on Angelina Ballerina02
              Little Einsteins In the episode "Go West Young Train,", no actual railroad crossings were featured, yet crossing signals were featured, including a couple with crossing gates. Note, red lights are not shown, blue lights are used in place of red lights for whatever reason. Yellow lights, if not green, are also used (for "Go")
    Go West Young Train 001, Railroad Crossing Signals
    Go West Young Train 044, Big Jet, Train Gates, Signals
    Go West Young Train 054, Train Gates and Signals
    Go West Young Train 092, Last Train Crossing Signals
        Many other cartoons have featured railroad crossings or signals in their shows and movies, including "Highland Gardians," "Dynomutt", "Wacky Races," "Popeye," "Looney Tunes," "Duck Tales," "Goof Troop," "Fat Albert"- Not so Loud, "The Iron Giant," "Underdog"- The Great Gold Robbery, "Klondike Kat"- Honor At Steak, "House of Mouse," "Johnny Bravo," "Cow and Chicken," "The Power Puff Girls," "Handy Manny"-Squeeze Makes a Promise, "King of the Hill," Two episodes of "Franklin and Friends"- Snail Mail and Franklin the Engineer, "Rugrats," "Hey Arnold"- one episode is where Arnold visits his cousin Arnie, the other is in the first Hey Arnold Movie, "Nina's World," "Tom and Jerry," and of course "Thomas the Tank Engine/ Thomas and Friends." There may be other cartoons/ animated shows and animated movies that feature them too, only I cannot think of or remember them, some I choose not to list. But if you know anymore, please let me know (I also plan to post a journal like this on my Deviant Art page) But I made this post because I was wondering if there could be a Wikia, or a part of a Wikia that touches on this subject, railroad crossings that have been featured in cartoon shows and cartoon movies. I know this sounds like a really silly idea, and this is not for everyone, but I don't see why there shouldn't be a Wikia for this and this could be a help, not just for me, but for others who are interested in railroad crossings like me, including in animation. And not just real crossings but even toy-train crossings are welcome. I'd start the Wikia myself but I honestly have no interest in starting or running a Wikia so perhaps someone else would like to. And I wouldn't mind contributing to it and sharing my knowledge, including what I've shared above, and screenshots including but not limited to what I've included in this post. I also don't know if there's already a Wikia like this or not, although there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with having two wikias talking about the same thing. It is preferred only for cartoons/ animated settings that have featured railroad crossings and or signals, not live action settings, unless it's Live-Action/Animation mix. Thank you again for taking the time to read this and I hope one of you reading this will start such a Wikia.
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    • Kind of a random request... but it could make a good page/category on a wikia i know.

      Reply if you want a link

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    • Please do. Thank you. I hope it's a good wikia.

      I had images in my post but unfortunately they were removed and I was informed this wikia was not an image repository (repository is a new word to me, I don't know what that means yet), so my post may make less sense.

      I'm not trying to be disrespectful to the admin or anyone, and I did talk with the admin about this and am waiting for a respnose.

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    • This thread will be closed so if you want to leave further comments on this, please post them on my blog post:

      It's the same as what's in this thread but a little different including the title.

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