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Portable Infoboxes multiple theming


Portable Infoboxes multiple theming

  • Howdy! I was thinking about an intro to this forum post, but decided to replace it with this meme:

    Multiple themes

    We have noticed that some wikis need multiple themes to efficiently do styling. Right now we support two theming tags: 'theme' and 'theme-source'. We are defining 'theme' value in templates and 'theme-source' in articles, while invoking a template. When used together 'theme-source' overrides 'theme'.

    As some communities requested support for more than one theme. So we thought - let's not make these parameters exclusive. Maybe let's use both when user defines both?

    For example:


    <infobox theme="template theme" theme-source="themevar">
    {{My Infobox}}
    <aside class="... pi-theme-template-theme ...">
    {{My Infobox
    |themevar=invocation theme
    <aside class="... pi-theme-invocation-theme ...">

    After proposed change

    <infobox theme="template theme" theme-source="themevar">
    {{My Infobox}}
    <aside class="... pi-theme-template-theme ...">
    {{My Infobox|themevar=invocation theme}}
    <aside class="... pi-theme-template-theme pi-theme-invocation-theme ...">

    This will alter current behavior, so please let us know what do you think about it. Will it break anything on your wiki? Will it help you in any way? Do you have idea on how to do it better?

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