• So this user just showed up today and started replacing images on my wiki for some reason. I go to block him (we're just a really small RP...thing, mainly two people, so if a stranger comes in and just does something weird we block by default) and view the log of blocked users afterward. Admittedly I'm probably just worrying for no reason, but I initially read this thinking the 2nd entry was myself; i.e. I saw my name and read the reason, you know. Internet paranoia sets in.

    But who is the target of "Autoblock #2," and why do they have only a day until expiry time? (I straight-up IP blocked this guy so they should be the same.)

    My big question is, is this something I should worry about? That autoblock obviously isn't me, right? Yeah? ...Right?

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    • Oh damn it, of course I forget to attach the image.
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    • That's normal. It means you blocked the IP of that guy, and the "autoblock" is actually the IP block of that guy except that you can't see their IP (Yeah, Wikia tends to hide users' IPs unless you have checkuser).

      That means, if the user logs in through their account, they will be displayed the first block reason, and if they don't log in or log in with a different account, they will be displayed the "autoblock" reason. Of course, until the autoblock expires.

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    • Thank you. I got an email this morning about the recent Yahoo breach, so I figured I'd check with the community to be sure.

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    • A FANDOM user
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