• Alright, lets get this rant out of the way. I am sick and tired of how this wiki is run. I swear. It is rediculous. I am going to start off with the obvious lie of "assume good faith". Mhm, I saw a user one time infinitely banned from chat from cursing once and they even apoligized. The rules even say, Assume good faith unless proven otherwise and "new users might not know the rules"! I swear. And they way things are handled are rediculous too. I swear the censorship is unbelieveable. For example, lets talk VSTF. They seem fine, until you realize that they ban too hard and too far. I saw a legit sock getting a user banned once and a VSTF told me "contact staff". That is your job! They said "I see no evidence" A staff member legit messaged them that. It's completely ignorant and sad. Instead they focus on that one little kid in the forums spamming "f you". And wikia staff is also ignoring too. It is bad and I do not like this. For example, I asked an important message once to a staff member, and 5 minutes later another person posted and the staff completely ignored my important claim and instead focused on something like "pls go to my wiki". So dumb and ignorant. The policies here are wrong and they need some work. As a user, I have this right to fight for what I believe. Thank you.

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    • You should also send your rant to Special:Contact/feedback, but it would help if you had screenshots and/or links to specifics.

      Until you provide some actual, specific evidence, it's just a rant.

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