• User:Andi Cruz1 on The Dumping Ground Wiki has continuously bullied me. Although he apologises every time he calms down, I have to consistently battle him no matter how much I tell him that I don't want to and that he can actually hurt me. He thinks that he is superior to me and says that his way is always best the best and that's the way it should be, although that always isn't the case. When I attempted to make a deal with him (he gets to keep his layout on the pages for each series of the show and I get to keep my layout for the infoboxes) he agreed, but also said

    "Really Rabid, Really!

    Okay, No Offense, Your deal is rubbish. I will keep the layout on pages thanks for that. But the info boxes I think need to stay my way."[1]

    Although I will admit that my reply could probably offend him to and that I have offended him in the past, I feel as though that is the only way I can ever get through to him. Fighting back. I haven't been on the wiki as long as he has, but I was promoted to bureaucrat and admin by the only active bureaucrat, who last logged in on November 5, 2015, last edited an article on November 13, 2016 and last edited on the wiki (which was a two month long cycle of him repeatedly doing the exact same things to his userpage and undoing them) on December 24, 2016. Having this allowance, I removed Andi Cruz's admin rights because I felt as though if the wiki gained more users who didn't do everything his way, he wouldn't be the happiest of people and would abuse his rights. He is a great contributor to the wiki and I think it is such a shame that he refuses to get along with other users. I need help with this user because I don't want to block him, but I fear that is what I will have to do if he continues this behaviour.

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    • If he is as rude as you say he is, and won't stop after being warned to, then I'd say a block is warranted.

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    • Just make the block short (like 3 days or 1 week) and give a warning that the blocks will get longer and longer if he doesn't behave. No single user is so important to a wiki.

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