• Is there any way I can get rid of Trending Fandom Articles and Fan Feed sections off my wiki without actually violating the cuztomization policy? I find these features really annoying and perhaps maybe even too annoying. If anybody knows a way, please tell me ASAP.

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    • You can only remove them by using your personal css. It will disappear for you only, but this way no customization policies will be violated.

      Here is an example of css that removes most annoying ads and wikia modules.

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    • To pull out the part from the above example that matters (put in w:Special:MyPage/global.css):

      .yt-uix-sessionlink span {
          display: none !important;
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    • This thread is helpful. I can finally edit and read articles without seeing 'Trending Fandom Articles' and 'Fan Feed'. Thank you guys, especially to Andrey Andrey. You're a miracle!

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