• I've seen dozens of people having thie issue.

    Now, I don't mean to be a bother, but i've seen so many people having this exact same issue, and it's happened to me three times, it prevented me of making an alliance with an empire, entering a recruit form for someone, and something I had to share with my group. It is getting confusing, i've been blocked for Vandalism. 

    Now, I see if this was thought to be because of pages that I recently edited. One, I edited to add something, and changed something. Not only did I have permission to edit this page if I had the certainty and confidence to do it myself, it also happens to be my page that I was editing. I have not vandalized anything, except for things that I had permission to edit under conditions, in which I followed with ease. I did nothing of these sorts, I am not that low as to ruin someone else's hard work.

    I've also happened to have this happen to me twice in the same day? I am extremely confused, as at one point the suspension was removed, but then added back in a time that I am unaware of. I've had this happen to friends, and they are confused as well, as far as I know, they haven't done anything either. In total, this has happened to me three to four times. Just as well, in none of those times I have actually vandalized anything. 

    Lastly, i've seen this tend to be because of someone having the same IP address as me, and may have nothing to do with me at all, but it has gotten confusing as why I have lost the capability to comment. I would like to have this removed if possible, because within the month until expiration, I can't be inactive for that long, nor do I want to stay away from my group that long. Is this because of the IP address issue? If it is, I would like to have it removed if it's a possibility, thank you for your time.

    I'm sorry if I came off as rude with any of this, I didn't intend any rudeness in this message.

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