• 5 new features(suggested) 1. Link with Wikipedia 2. Anonymous users can now start a wiki! 3. Anonymous users can now buy something. 4. Age limit for wikia is set down to 7 5. Confirm your email to do more activities!

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    • 1 is already implemented: [‍[wikipedia:article name]], e.g. wikipedia:Wikia.

      2 is not implemented, for good reasons.

      3: Wikia is not a web shop. Try Amazon or eBay.

      4 is not implemented, for the good reason that it would be illegal (search for COPPA).

      5 is already implemented, unless you mean a ridiculous/unworkable definition of "more activities".

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    • I think OP means "link with Wikipedia" like (s)he meant "link with Twitter" last time round - something similar to Facebook Connect.

      TheEAjawa, making uninformed, unsubstantiated suggestions for new features will not make anyone ever consider those suggestions. They're dismissed out of hand. If you have solid suggestions with good arguments as to why, use Special:Contact/feedback. However, first and foremost, research why it's not implemented now.

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    • wikipedia:Wikia

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    • I can allow it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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