• Hey guys! I have two (2) questions about posting Wikipedia links and small movie clips on articles and those questions are for my "Elizabeth Taggart: The Series Wikia".

    1) I do have a small bit of some cast member information on all of the character articles. I know I mentioned this from that blog that I posted this past Thursday and I did mention that we're not making cast member articles due to the fact that ETTS is a fictional made up series. So here's the question: Do you think it's okay to use Wikipedia links and link the cast with the Wikipedia article?

    2) I have this movie article right here: The "Turner Classic Movies" website (TCM) has 3 movie clips from the movie "A Cry in the Night". So here's the question: I want to add those 3 clips and post them on that movie article on the ETTS Wikia. So is it okay to add those 3 clips to thay article since it's a movie themed article?

    I just want to be sure, and please respond right away. Thank you!!!

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      1. If the contents of the wiki is fan fiction and the wikipedia is not, then yes.
      2. Only if you won't be violating any licenses by doing so.
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    • Okay! So If I update those 3 video clips and I don't get any messages about violation from anyone, that means I'm not violating any licenses and I'm totally okay to have and keep them on the article.

      For example, this Henry Danger video linked below,,_Lies,_%26_Video%22_Sneak_Peek

      The admins got that video from the Nickelodoen website and they didn't receive a violation message meaning that they're not violating any license at all.

      Is that right?

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    • Not necessarily. Whether or not, as well as when, to pursue a license violation is completely up to the license holder's discretion (at least in the USA). Not receiving a notification could be indicative of any of the following:

      1. It is not a license violation
      2. They license holder has decided not to pursue the violation at this time (but may still do so at a later date)
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    • Okay! My apologies for replying back so late.

      I made an account on the message board website a few weeks ago and I asked to see if it was okay to add those videos to that article, Earlier today, a user I never met before told me about violating something and told me this, "You probably can't use them. If TCM doesn't own the movie, they can't give you the right to use those clips because their license doesn't allow them to give anyone any rights to the material", and then gave me a lengthy post about it as well. Unfortunately, it looks like using those 3 clips on the ACITN article on my ETTS Wikia is not allowed. I guess I'm gonna have to see if those 3 clips are added on YouTube someday. I mean, at least YouTube is not a penalty.

      @Andrewds1021, I do thank you and appreciate your help on this brief discussion.

      Case closed, and Happy New Year btw!!!

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