• To add the equivalent of a 'Like' button to the Wiki Activity page on a per-edit basis. For this to also be represented on a page's History in the same way. Ideally to be able to have a Comment option too, expandable when clicked.

    This is for communication to editors about their edits. Supporting with praise and discussing the reason for changes otherwise.

    The current Comments are useful for discussing the content on an article, rather than individual edits, which is why they wouldn't be as appropriate.


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    • I like your idea! Just a few more votes and this feature will be Official!

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    • That's not how feature requests work.

      Have you looked on the Dev Wiki? It's possible they have something like this already.

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    • I'm not sure about this. Kinda feels like something that might push FANDOM/Wikia farther away from a wikimedia-type site, and closer to being a social-network.

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    • @Tupka217 I have looked and there isn't anything like that there.

      @Fan26 I don't disagree, but if it's an optional feature for a wiki that can be turned on/off, then whether it's suitable for a wiki can be determined by the admins of a given wiki. An increase in social interaction can be a good thing for a team, especially if its optional.

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