• Hi,

    I just saw that the current edit thing seems boring. This is why we want all wikis to have an Editing wizard so that Fandom Editing will look more exciting in a few steps:

    1. Choose the page you want to edit
    2. Check if the article is a stub (if yes, then the article stub will be auto-extended with relevant content)
    3. Check for typos (if yes, then all typos will be fixed)
    4. Check for categories (if no categories, then depending on the content the bot will auto-add some)
    5. Review the auto-made changes (if you aren’t happy, change them - you won’t be able to undo these later)
    6. Finished!
    Fandom Users are unable to use this feature during the beta.
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    • TBH, I don't really know how such feature would actually work, other than the feature fixing grammar and spelling.

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    • And even then, what is wrong spelling? It might be useful if you want to enforce a specific variation of English as the standard, but mostly it's a swamp of diversity.

      And what does "auto-extend[ing] with relevant content" mean? Just because it's called a wizard doesn't mean it can conjure up content out of thin air.

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    • Wrong spelling/grammar (also referred to as a typo) occurs when someone makes a mistake during typewriting.

      Auto-extend[ing] with relevant content means that depending on the subject, the bot will choose the words relevant to the topic, so that you get original information made using that feature and not copied from another source.

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