• Two things involving the Cuphead Wiki:

    1. On the Hilda Berg article, there's a video that, rather than being about the boss herself, is about the elder dragons from the Monster Hunter series. Could someone at the FANDOM staff get rid of it? (Also, I enjoy these videos about Cuphead and hope to see more of them)

    2. Someone on my message wall asked me about adding staff application to the wiki. Is there a guide on how to set that up?

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    • 1: You should speak to Staff about this - Special:Contact/general is a form you can fill out and they should be able to remove it since it's definitely in the wrong placeĀ :P

      2: Staff application pages are usually made by admins - you should take a look at examples like Disney's Nominations for administratorship page or RuneScape's equivalent page for some ideas on how you could implement a similar page.

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