• Every single person I've spoken to about this feature has expressed the same opinion. The Fan Feed is terrible.

    Scrolling through a wiki page and in the end instead of finding similar/related pages as it used to have, your suggestions now are:

    "The best thing about 'Star Trek' was the bras."
    "'Thor: Ragnarok' includes Marvel's First Bisexual LGBT Character"
    "'Thor: Ragnarok' Director Was Uncomfortable Shooting Hulk's Butt"

    If I wanted to read these tabloid-level blogs, I'd have visited Vice or HuffPost not a wiki. Or at the very least show them up in their respective wiki only, it makes zero sense to be featured in unrelated wikis even if they were serious posts.

    And the worst thing of all is that you cannot deactivate this "feature" even if there is an unanimous consensus within your community. So much for self-control.

    Last word: Please excuse me, this is my first post at the Central.

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    • Honestly, I've never seen anything too inappropriate in the Fan Feed like what you said.

      I've added some enhancements to the Fan Feed in the FANDOM Open Source Library, so that it is scrollable, has dark modules and other styling.

      If some of these enhancements won't help you find the Fan Feed improved in anyway and you wish to hide it, you can add the following in your global.css:

      div#mixed-content-footer {
          display: none;

      Hope this helps!

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    • I literally copied the current fan feed suggestions trending right now, I am not sure how you have not found them.

      Yes you can hide them in the global.css but that's not the point of this post. The point is about the vast majority of readers who don't have an account or they do but they don't know how.

      In other words I am talking about making this feature optional, not mandatory for wikis which can then decide if they want to keep this gem or scrap it and revert to the previous state.

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    • The Fan Feed won't be optional, and it cannot be hidden site-wide, as it'd violate the customization policy.

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    • Posting your concerns here won't make them seen by people who can actually control the Fan Feed. The correct channel for that is Special:Contact/feedback.

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    • You don't need to repeat what was said. I already said in the opening post that wikis cannot decide to drop this feature on their own which is why I started this conversation.

      I am posting at the Central to gather more opinions, see if others agree with what was said and perhaps find solutions.

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    • Half the problem here would be the level of quality of FANDOM News & Stories. While many of the prominent ones are good, there are a lot of questionable ones behind the scenes — I remember seeing one that basically just showed a picture of a real-life Spongebob rendition, and that was it. Yeah, I would like less content farming, and more actually interesting reads.

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    • I think the point of the Fan Feed was to contain news & stories mixed with article content. Would be cool if there would be a message that would let you personalize the Fan Feed so that either news & stories or article content will show up more often. Just a thought.

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    • KockaAdmiralac wrote: Posting your concerns here won't make them seen by people who can actually control the Fan Feed. The correct channel for that is Special:Contact/feedback.

      Thanks. I am planning to link this thread in my message so more opinions and ideas (other than my own) would be really helpful.

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    • A FANDOM user
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