• Hey leafy I am the vandalized in the pixel gun 3D forums

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    • Hey. The reason why you got banned in the Pixel Gun Wiki is because you have vandalized a few articles, added inappropriate summaries and insulted others. The link provides evidence that all of your (and so is everybody's) contributions are recorded in that page.

      If you promise to never vandalize the wiki again, I'll shorten your block or even unblock you. Continuous vandalism will result in a longer block.

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    • I'm sorry to step in, but I want to say something. AKjk22, first of all, vandalism is not welcome on our wiki, and will lead to immediate punishment. Second of all, harassing other users also isn't tolerated. Third, you know what you did wrong, so why are you complaining that you've been blocked? You had a chance, and you chose to be a vandal and to be a jerk in general. Looking at what you've done, I should increase the length of your block, but I won't. Like Leafy said, if you promise to discontinue the vandalism, your block will be reduced or even removed. But if you're to continue breaking our rules, you will end up with a much longer ban, eventually leading to a permanent block if that's what it takes.

      Sincerely, Ender. hey, lets talk sometime ;) 03:04, November 16, 2017 (UTC)

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