• Hi! FANDOM University helped me with infobox CSS, and so I was wondering how you get a rounded header for an infobox. For example, on the Loud House Encyclopedia, they heave rounded edges for the title and the infobox itself.

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    • If you say an example, you should link an example.

      To get rounded edges, it would be with border-radius: <size>px.

      Could you provide a link to this infobox you're trying to have rounded edges?

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    • Screen_Shot_2017-11-24_at_2.45.19_PM.png

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    • It also helps to link to the example you are looking at.

      As Annabeth and Percy said, you should use the CSS property "border-radius". Based on their site CSS, placing the following in your site CSS should do the trick. You can adjust the value as you like.

      .portable-infobox {
          border-radius: 8px;
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    • Thx! The image i uploaded was actually the infobox from the wiki i needed the rounded header and thank you because i might've kinda got it wrong so i changed it and now its right

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    • A FANDOM user
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