• hello I am an admin for Miley Cyrus Wiki and I am trying to use the hover template but whenever I enter the code in the CSS nothing happens. Am I using the wrong thing? Can somebody help? thank you.

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    • Could you explain a little more about what you are trying to do? It looks like you want something to appear when you hover over images; correct? Where did you get the template from (assuming you didn't make it yourself)?

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    • correct, and I got it from Ariana Grande Wiki

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    • Other than the opacity change, it seems to be working for me. To get the opacity change, the Ariana Grande Wiki has the following in its site CSS.

      .hoverimage img {
          opacity: 1;
          filter: alpha(opacity=100);
      .hoverimage img:hover {
          opacity: 0.5;
          filter: alpha(opacity=50);
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    • it worked! thank you!

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