• Hey team! As a bureaucrat/Admin of a wiki, what are my options to completely disable mobile view, rendering the full site view by default on all devices for all viewers browsing our wiki? I've determined that this is a "must-have" designation on our wiki, given the extensive formatting that we have which only works in the desktop view.

    And on a lower level, as a user, what are my options to disable mobile view for myself across all wikis in such a way that it follows my user profile across devices, so that I only see the full site version regardless of device?

    I do have JavaScript enabled on the wiki, so if there's an option that lies in there, then that would be stellar as well.

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    • Disabling the mobile view is something that almost always cannot happen.

      What is the wiki in question, anyway?

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      Even a method to disable mobile view for specific pages, then I could apply that to a template and paste it on the most problematic pages, would be an acceptable solution as well.

      As a prime example of pages that BY DEFAULT have mobile view disabled, I'll direct you to the Special:WikiActivity page of every wikia, including Community Wikia's own WikiActivity page.
      As a second example of pages that by default have mobile view disabled, I'll direct you to none other than this very thread in which you're reading this very post.

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    • No, you can't disable the mobile view on your wiki. You should instead make your pages portable so they can be properly viewed through the mobile skin, and there are users that can assist you in doing so. There are also some useful help pages related to it on Help:Mobile and the Portability Hub.

      According to Wikia's statistics, more than 50% of page views come from mobile devices.

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    • Using a mobile device and using the mobile view are two very different things -_-

      I will consider putting up a request for assistance, but I also want to stress that there should be a method to default to full site view for specific pages.

      Either way, thank you for your timely response! :)

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    • Forcing desktop view is a necessity that wikia refuses to acknowledge out of an irrational affection for a "mobile site" that was obsolete from the day it was made.

      The mobile site: -Is ugly: It strips out every aspect of the custom theme. It leaves a bland, colorless, textureless page. -Is unmanageable: It tries to refit everything to a mobile screen, but the vertical stretching of content only makes it so much slower and more confusing to navigate. -Is slower than the normal page: How is that even possible?! -Doesn't display images correctly on some or most devices. -Doesn't let you choose, as a user, to permanently switch to the normal site. -And most importantly: Often doesn't even display all the information in an article.

      I have visited countless fandom wikias throughout the years and it's always the same shit. I utterly fucking loathe the mobile site and have to force desktop every time I visit any page.

      Modern browsers already do a perfectly good job to display desktop sites on mobile, including wikia's. In fact it looks and works perfect on a mobile device. There's no need for a mobile site.

      The fact that so many users visit (and are frustrated) every day on mobile devices only makes my points stronger.

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    • Said the anonymous coward.

      FANDOM's mobile strategy definitely has some problems, but Desktop view on mobile devices is often only superior on poorly designed pages. Most pages render fine on mobile and the biggest problem is that the mobile skin doesn't render customizations that give a wiki a more identifiable and unique character.

      Also, Discussions kind of sucks.

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    • A FANDOM user
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