• Hi all. Just got a quick question about the fan feed seen at the bottom of article pages.

    On popular pages, the feed displays a good balance between more content on the current wiki and content I may be interested in from other wikis I visit. But on less popular pages, the suggestions for other pages on the current wiki disappear and I only have suggestions for other wikis.

    Is this intended behaviour? It seems a little weird to not suggest similar pages on the same wiki like the former article footer did (the 3 "read more" links).


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    • The "More on..." module behavior does not have the same behavior as the previous "Read more" module behavior. The "Read more" module included 3 related articles, while the current "More on..." module includes the 3 most trending articles.

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    • I'm not talking about the More on section, rather the whole Fan Feed in general.

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