• Is it difficult learning a new language? I really want to learn Korean so I can sing and understand BTS but I really want to know if speaking Korean is hard or easy/ok.

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    • This isn't really the right place for this, as Community Central is a site where you can discuss editing and administrating FANDOM wikis.

      But to get to your point, it depends on a lot of factors, and may even be subjective. What language(s) do you speak now? Do you have any natural affinity with languages? How much knowledge of grammar do you have?

      Generally, but not always, "easy to learn" are languages that are close to a language you already speak and use the same writing system. For Korean, that's both very far from English. If you put in the time and effort, you can learn anything. It won't come overnight, though. It's a long process.

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    • The learning of a new language depends on your aptitude, your teacher, and your incentives.

      Although there are many wikis with various topics related to Korea and the Korean language (e.g. K-dramas, Korea Wiki, and even Community Central in Korean), I don't know of any wikis on Fandom specifically dedicated to learning the Korean language. However, there are wikis not hosted by Fandom dedicated to learning Korean. There is also a page over on Duolingo Wiki about Korean language courses.

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