• Dub published in 1998

    Dub published in 2010

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    • Hello EthGTav and Magansmith4. This wiki is for discussing Wikia wikis. It is not intended for miscellaneous topics.

      EthGTav, there are multiple other wikis that would be far better suited for your question. Aside from generic movie and/or japan media wikis, the following have pages dedicated to the movie you are talking about. I was able to find them on the first page of a simple Google search for "Kiki's Delivery Service wiki". I suggest in the future that you at least try that before posting on an unrelated wiki.

      1. Studio Ghibli Wiki
      2. Disney Wiki
      3. Manga Wiki
      4. Moviepedia
      5. Heroes Wiki

      Megansmith4, not only is your question unrelated to the wiki, it is also unrelated to the original post. When using Forums on an wiki, it is generally expected that your post will be relevant to answering and/or related to the original post. On top of that, your question is rather vague and the answer would probably depend on the specifics of your situation (which you do not provide).

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    • Sorry, I just wanted to know how to start a poll to get votes.

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    • You can do that using the <poll></poll> tags.

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    • Where do I find that?

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