• Okay, so a bunch of wikias got these videos, I get that we can't remove them. However, there are two big problems with them:

    1. They are incredibly intrusive. When you first go to a page with a video, that video takes about half the screen. It makes the whole page look ugly. Plus media autoplay is one of the most hated features on the internet. This isn't youtube, no one goes to a page with the expectation of a video playing immediately.

    2. The "information" on the videos is horribly inaccurate. I come from the RWBY Wiki and I must say, it sounds like the person who made the video does not watch the series at all or even did his/her due diligence in researching the material to put on the videos. I get the person making the videos is not familiar with the content material, but why not ask someone on the wiki to help write the script in the first place? Our admins called them out and now staff is working with them to correct the script. HOWEVER, that also puts the staff in a position where many new visitors will think the videos were made by the local wiki editors, and the fact that they contain factual errors that need to be corrected severely undermines the credibility of the wiki.

    GG Wikia, you made your biggest mistake yet with this.

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    • Send your feedback to Special:Contact/feedback. Community Central forums are not a place for rant.

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