• The new tabbers recently having been become a little annoying. When they are clicked upon they add to the address and history of the web tab.

    For Example: (Not clicked on tab)

                 (clicked on tab)

    Live Example: (click on the tabs, it'll add more to it and also the back or history of the web tab)

    Why is this happening?? I know its a small thing, but then the back history will be filled of these when going back and forth

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    • Also the Random wikia page is fake, I was just showing an example, nothing more. Also I didn't know there was such a wiki I apologize in advanced to the owners of said wiki that i used it without your consent. I'm sorry

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    • It's happening because you can now refer people to these addresses to open respective tabber tabs. For example, if I refer you to here, you'll be referred to the first tab but if I specifically wanted to refer you to the "Patrollers" tab, I could refer you to here. It is a long-requested feature, as far as I'm aware.

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    • Sounds convenient, but its kinda annoying if I just want to go to the page and stay on it if i open any of the tabber's tabs. Plus, it tedious to go all the way back to the original page. Is there a way to turn it off or something? even just having a different tabber thats like the old one would be enough

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