• Hi,

    The current Theme Designer looks boring and amateurish to me, so I think the Design Center can replace this.

    The color picker


    Design inspiration for the color picker in the Design Center, which should be replacing the Theme Designer

    Currently in the Theme Designer, you have to choose from some pre-selected colors, and you have to add a custom color by typing in either the color name or a hex code. Don't worry; with the Design Center, let those worries go away!

    The background and header image selector

    In the Theme Designer, you have to upload the header image for your wiki by yourself; however, let the Design Center take all these worries away! I've chosen a number of pre-picked header images (which might need to be resized for fitting) for wikis made with FANDOM:

    The wordmark and favicon uploader

    In the Theme Designer, you have to upload your own wordmark and favicon for your wiki; however, the proposed Design Center should have pre-selected wordmark and favicon styles!



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      1. Consider submitting this suggestion using Special:Contact/feedback.
      2. Is this Design Center something you have seen else were or is it something you are just thinking about?
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    • They should remove the gradient that covers up the header image. It's simply stupid and ruins the purpose of a header image. It's a simple trip to Paint.NET/GIMP/Photoshop to add your own gradient.

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    • A FANDOM user
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