• My name is Easylistening, and I'm new to FANDOM. I have a few questions about this website that I would like to be answered. They are fairly easy if you have been on FANDOM/Community Central for a long time. I've only joined today, however, and I have a lot to learn.

    • What is FANDOM?
    • What is a Wikia/Wiki?
    • How do you contribute?
    • Where can you find the Wikis about the topics you like?

    If anybody could possibly answer these questions, I would dearly apprectiate it! Once again, I'm new, so I may not know such simple things.

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    • Welcome, Easylistening!

      • FANDOM is a network of wikis about various topics.
      • A wiki is a user-edited website dedicated to a particular topic, which can be anything (within the Terms of Use) from books to music to fanon; Wikia, Inc. is the company behind FANDOM, and a wikia is a former name for a wiki on the network.
      • Find a wiki on a topic you enjoy, then press the Edit button at the top of a page you wish to edit.
      • You can search for wikis via Special:Newwikis or your preferred search engine.
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    • Additionally:

      • homepage:about can also explain what non-wiki parts of FANDOM are.
      • Wikia is also the former name for FANDOM, they renamed about a year ago but you'll still see users referring to FANDOM as Wikia.
      • More helpful tips about contributing can be found on Help pages / FANDOM University.
      • There's also the option of searching for wikis through the search button/bar on top of homepage:about.
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    • Consider reading this recent and similar thread.


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    • A FANDOM user
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