• I've been having problems recently with new users editing pages that need to be protected (such as adding spoilers, and general quality control). It becomes frustrating when I find that there is currently no system in place without completely wiping out all non-admins. Obviously this method is not ideal at all, especially since most non-users are actually helpful.

    I've tried to use the Protection tool many times to no avail. I am aware of the "block new users" (with less then 5 edits from editing)" option. I've found however, that this does nothing (besides anons). Even users with 0 edits on the entire of Wiki/Fanon seem to bypass this. It's frustrating having to give warnings and fix errors that shouldn't have been allowed to have occurred in the first place. I am aware that large wikis can ask staff for additional options, however since the wikis I admin are small, this is not an option either.

    This isn't fair for admins, nor new users who get into trouble from messing with things that they shouldn't have access to, which leads to scaring them off instead of growing the community, as well as messing up pages. Preventing new users from the most high traffic pages allows users to edit lesser pages on the wiki, allowing them to become more known in the community and gaining experience. The current system prevents this from happening, locking entire wikis to a handful of high traffic pages.

    Are there any other solutions that I can use? Is it possible for Wikia to make a functional protection tool? Have you experienced a situation where you wanted to protect a page but couldn't without having to block everybody?

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    • There is no "block new users" (with less then 5 edits from editing)" option in page protection. There is "block new and anonymous users" option, though, which locks the page so only autoconfirmed users can edit them. Autoconfirmed is a global right, so a user can make an edit on any wiki and after 4 days they will be able to edit any protected pages around Wikia.

      If you're having severe vandalism issues, you can request the AbuseFilter extension to be enabled on your wiki and then you'll be able to block edits by what they are adding or how many global edits does the user have.

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    • Sorry, I used the wrong wording. The one you said is the one I meant. It does NOT lock the page from any users with usernames (I was paraphrasing what the option actually said). I would like to prevent users that have not have the autoconfirmed rights from editing high trafficed page. The "block new and anonymous users" option does NOT block new users. It does the exact same as the other option (which to paraphrase says to only block anonymous users without an account). I have experimented with this on several wikis, and it is consistant every time.

      As I said in my original message, it is not a vandalism issue, it is a new user issue, so the AbuseFilter extension won't do anything.

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    • Could you link to the page history of a page where new users weren't prevented from editing by the autoconfirmed protection option and name these "new users"?

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    • A FANDOM user
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