• The RPG Gamer to be specific.

    I can't seem to message anyone elose on that specific wiki, so this is my only option (the only one I can find anyway)

    Anyways, there was this one character Meggy, where this asshole felt the need to reply to everyone who liked him about how much he hated her and how everyone who liked or shiped her was a prick. I called him out on it and he had the fucking nerve to block me.

    How this asshole became an admin is far beyond me, but god damn it, I want something done about this shit.

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    • This sort of language and comments are not acceptable at all for here. Please be civil and refrain from swear language.
      Also, I suggest seeing User blog:Sannse/How to Get Unblocked.

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    • @Aiihuan

      Thank you, but in my defence, if this sort of thing happened to you, you'd be a little peeved as well

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