• So I just started a little more than 2 weeks ago and Im level 116, I am pushing as much content as I can and trying to find my niche team for pretty much all of the easier - hard content and hopefully get a skeleton party set up for endgame prep when I get that far. My current team is Ragina, Ragra, Bjorn x Lilian, and Agnia. I intend to swap out Agnia for Eriana to be my new leader / healer, add Nagid in when I unlock my 6th slot, and replace Bjorn for a unit that has a tribuff and use Bjorn for xp dailies etc. My issue atm is that I have no units that I know of who boost tristats so I am hoping I could have some honorable mentions that I can keep an eye out for and maybe some that boost BB ATK as well if there are any. 

    Thanks for the helpful advice. 

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