• So, I I'm new to panting in 40k, and I just got my first IG vehicals, a Valkyrie Transport, and I I'm looking for any tips for panting it, keeping the brush's good, and anything else you think could help me.

    What I have:

    Small, medium and big brush's

    Dawnstone Gray

    Can't remember what type of Tan

    Grey spray can (Again, can't remember name, and can't look since at school)

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    • It isn't clear what you are talking about. Are you talking about painting a actual vehicle, a video game, or image manipulation?

      Regardless, this wiki is for discussing Wikia wikis. It is not a place for miscellaneous discussions. If you clarify the context of your question, we may be able to point you to a more appropriate site.

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    • I think the OP is talking about painting miniatures for the tabletop game Warhammer 40,000. In that case, this would likely be a good place to start.

      As a fellow modeler, I can offer some general painting tips. First, prime the model with a good general-purpose primer. I use Testor's dark gray, but the spray can that you have should work fine.

      For brush-painting, first dip the bristles in whatever thinner you're using. This will help to keep paint out of the ferrule (the metal part of the brush) and extend it's usable life. Keep all your brushstrokes in the same direction so that they dissapear as the paint dries, and swish the brush in thinner immediately after use to clean it. Then blot it on a paper towel or rag. Storing your brushes with the hairs pointing up (like in a tube or jar or something) will help them to dry and retain their shape.

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