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    In portable infoboxes, I would like one section under a header (or <group>) to have a tabular layout and another section to have a stacked layout. Is that possible? If not, an alternative I would like would be to omit the left hand column of the infobox, similar to colspan="2"

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    • English is my 2nd language so do not know what "tabular" means. But is this what you are trying to create....

       <data source="data 1"><default>data 1</default></data>
       <data source="data 2"><default>data 2</default></data>
       <data source="data 3"><default>data 3</default></data>
      <group layout="horizontal">
         <data source="data A"><default>data A</default></data>
         <data source="data B"><default>data B</default></data>
         <data source="data C"><default>data C</default></data>
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    • By tabular, I am guessing the OP means label on the left, data on the right. Unfortunately, I don't believe this is possible as the stacked/tabular is specified only for the entire infobox. However, as TableWiz showed, you can get your left-column-free version simply by omitting the label.

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    • OWL

      Alright, thank you.

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