• The Featured Videos have started to appear on some articles over at Kamen Rider Wiki. And god, the quality of these are so terrible I don't even know where to start.

    Two example articles where the Featured Videos have appeared are linked below:

    I have two big problems with the Featured Videos forcibly added upon so far:

    • The Japanese pronunciation is horrid. It's making my ears bleed. If you're going to make a video covering a subject in a Japanese media, couldn't you get someone who has at least some form of proficiency with the Japanese language?
    • The information in the videos are inaccurate. I don't know when these videos were made before they were forcibly added into the articles, but still the information presented in the videos is outdated. I was watching the video on the article about Kazumi Sawatari/Kamen Rider Grease when I heard this:

    "Some fans believe that Kamen Rider Grease is really Nariaki Utsumi--"

    Oh for goodness's sake enough already! That's just speculative information and will forever remain as such. Besides, this speculation had already been overturned by the time the video popped up today! His true identity has already been confirmed to be a different person, so why did whoever making this video still leave such false speculation in the video? Isn't this defeating the purpose of a wiki itself? Seriously, even the fansubbers themselves have better quality checks than this.

    It's time to stop wasting our time and content space and milking our fandoms with such unnecessary gimmicks.

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    • The correct place to post this is Special:Contact/feedback. There's nothing anybody on Community Central forums can do about that and this is no place for rant.

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    • Over on the Horizon Zero Dawn wiki, we have had good luck with a user writing the scripts and voicing the videos for us. I believe the user in question is RandomSideQuest, but can't quite recall at the moment.

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    • From Help:Featured_Videos, it sounds like there is a specified team; although that is all that is said.

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    • A FANDOM user
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