• Hello all, I need help in identifying the edition and retail value of three official star wars collectible figures in my possession. They are made in plastic and have an inscription at the bottom of the case reading " © Lucasfilms Ltd & TM. All rights reserved." It does not have any other inscriptions whatsoever, despite the names of what they represent (Darth Vader, X-Wing, TIE Fighter).

    If anyone knows what edition they might be, and their value, I would really appreciate the help. Pics attached. Thank you in advance
    Star wars 1
    Star wars 2
    Star wars 3
    Star wars 4
    Star wars 5
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    • This wiki is for discussing Wikia wikis. It is not intended for miscellaneous discussions. Consider re-asking your question on either Wookieepedia or the Star Wars Merchandise Wiki.

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    • Oh thank you. I will then.

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