• I'm making a poison ivy styled hero at the moment and I can't find any Kryptonite Isotopes to get Krypton-Vine Leggings so it can match with the Plant style chest piece.

    ====Did it get taken out of the game???====

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    • This is something for the DC Universe Online Wiki, but as I'm a former player myself, I'll answer it.

      It's still in the game. It just drops in the most annoying location, with a lot of high, yellowish buildings - Downtown and Historic. They're also rarer than the other collections there (expect lots of Daily Planet Passes, street names, pennants and MDP files), and several are slightly under Superboy plaque/Arkham Jokerz-level rare. You're going to have to grind a lot with node scanners. Make a note of where the nodes spawn and check back regularly.

      I've spent hours there. Days, even.

      Or, save millions and buy them in the broker for way too much.

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    • lol thanks for the help. They're not even in the broker so I guess its going to be weeks before I'll be able to find them all...

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