• Hello, I made an account to try to correct something I noticed on the google search results for one of the leaders in Sid Meier's Civ 6, Amanitore of Nubia.

    When her page on the wiki shows up in the google results, you can see the following

    Under the link to the page, it reads: "back to the list of leaders fat n*****?"

    Given that this isn't in the spirit of the game and is pretty unacceptable in general, I made an account to edit the page but didn't see anything obvious that would cause it to be displayed like that in the google search results. Here is a link to the page I tried editing:

    I was hoping somebody more knowledgable than I am could either tell me how to edit this out or could go to the page and fix it themselves. It's a shame to leave this on the page of a game that tries to pay so much respect to the leaders it incorporates.

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    • Sometimes this can get stuck on an old version of the page, by deleting the article and restoring back to previous version till // the edit was made should help get the search snippet updated soon.

      please ask local admin or contact FANDOM staff to rectify it

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    • Local administrators will not be able to fix it, unfortunately. This will have to be done by Staff, or you may need to wait for Google to crawl the wiki again to update the search entry.

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    • Google now has Amanitore, watchful Queen of Nubia etc. matching w:c:civilization:Amanitore_(Civ6)#Intro. A vandal was blocked recently.

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    • A FANDOM user
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