• So, there's this guy, Jacob Corey (13), who keeps on adding photos in languages other than English, when it is an ENGLISH wiki. And, I think he might have a sockpuppet, Jacob Corey. And he made fake title cards for a web series called Talking Tom and Friends Minisodes episode called There's An App For That in foreign languages. He also keeps on removing Japanese titles, for some reason. Can you confirm that he is not a sockpuppet?

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    • That sounds like a job for VSTF or staff.

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    • Hey!

      You can request a checkuser request using S:C/G. However, you must...

      • Be an administrator for the community where the IP check is being run.
      • Have a good reason for the check—curiosity is not enough.
      • Provide the names of the IPs or accounts that you want to be checked.
      • Explain in detail the problem that the accounts or IP addresses are causing.
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    • A FANDOM user
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